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Has your drain line ever clogged or worse caused damage to your home? Check out these preventative options so you don’t end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Water Damage Prevention Products

The Honeywell Wi Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector is used to detect temperatures that can freeze pipes, and humidity that could damage valuables. The sensors have the ability to record and log your humidity and temperature of the area you are monitoring. Each can be individually names and registered in the Honeywell Home App and easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network. If a leak is detected or pipe begins to freeze, the Lyric App on your phone will alert you wherever you are.

Safe T Switch detects clogged A/C condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to floors, walls and ceilings.

PurCool Strips keep A/C and refrigeration condensate drain pans clean and free flowing.

  • Prevents clogs, costly overflows, and corrosion.
  • Provides up to six months of protection.
  • Adheres to the drain pan and will not float or move.
  • Completely dissolves leaving no residue.
  • Safe for metal and plastic drain pans.

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