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Why Does My Bathroom Sink Drain Smell?

When you use your restroom at home, you expect to enter a clean-smelling space. If it stinks every once in a while, you decide to use a room spray or an odor neutralizer, and that usually does the trick — except, this time the odor still remains. After cleaning every part of your bathroom, you discover that the dreaded smell is coming from your sink. Why won’t it go away?

A smelly bathroom sink drain is no fun. If you’re wondering why it smells funky, our team at Baldwin Heating & Cooling can help you figure it out and what to do next!

Common Causes For Sink Drain Odors

There are many reasons that can cause a bathroom sink odor. Before we get to clean it, let’s uncover a few main causes.

A Clogged Drain

You might have guessed it, but that stink from your sink drain might be due to a clog. They are formed by hair, soap and other dirt or debris that finds its way down the drain every day, so these products get caught in the pipes below, they form and create a clog.

When the matter in the clog starts to break down, it can create a sewage smell. The smell could also be from a blockage that prevents proper venting, allowing sewer gasses to escape from the drain.

A Dry P-Trap

Getting the name from its “P” shape, the P-trap — also known as a drain trap — is a piece of plumbing located below the sink, your toilet or other fixture. Water collects in the P-trap to create a seal that prevents gasses from escaping the sewer line.

When the P-trap becomes dirty or dry, odors from the sewage line escape through the pipes. One reason that it may become dry is if the sink rarely gets used, so the water in the P-trap dries up, leaving the pipe open for the odors to escape.

A Build-Up Of Biofilm

Biofilm is a scummy substance that is the buildup of bacterial waste. It has a slimy texture, is usually pink or orange in color and is sometimes mistaken for mold.

When this slime starts to build up in your sink drains, it can produce an unpleasant odor.

A Leaking Pipe

A leaky drain pipe poses a significant concern, especially when it comes to the foul smell emanating from your bathroom sink. The sewage odor may permeate through the drain or even infiltrate your home’s walls. Beyond the unpleasant smell, the wastewater can saturate surrounding areas, seeping into walls and floors.

Leaks may stem from wear and tear, improper installation or corrosion in metal pipes. Addressing a leaking pipe is an urgent matter that requires the expertise of a plumber. Our team at Baldwin Heating & Cooling is ready to assist you!

How To Clean A Bathroom Sink Drain That Smells

Depending on the situation, you might be able to get rid of the foul odors coming from your drain with some DIY techniques.

When it comes to clogs, you might be able to easily remove those with a sink plunger or drain snake. Physically removing blockages from your drain can help eliminate foul smells without relying on caustic chemicals!

For P-traps, if the drain is dry and the sink is rarely in use, try turning on the faucet so the water creates a seal in the P-trap. This should block the odors coming from the plumbing.

If biofilm is making your sink stink, you can brush visible buildup away. Develop a habit of cleaning your sink more often to keep this issue at bay.

Plumbing For Your Sink Drain

If you’ve tried all these techniques but the odor still remains, it might be time to call a professional. Don’t let that smell coming from your sink get you down.

Our plumbers at Baldwin Heating & Cooling provide bathroom plumbing services and even drain cleaning. We can get rid of that dreaded odor from your sink in no time, so don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with us!

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