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Why Does My Heater Smell Like It's Burning?

January 29, 2023 | Blog

Every homeowner will experience an odd indoor smell every now and then. If your heater releases a burning odor in your home, you may initially feel panicked. In most cases, the aroma is not a cause for concern. But it can occasionally indicate an issue with the unit.

At Baldwin Heating & Cooling, your safety and comfort are our top priorities! You can count on our team of experts to keep your heating system in tip-top shape. Keep reading to learn why your heater is creating a burning smell and when you should call for professional assistance.

Causes For A Burning Smell From Heater

Your heating system is powerful — and thus capable of creating many aromas. A burning smell is a common occurrence in many Alabama homes and can occur for various reasons.

Dust Buildup

During the peak of the summer season, you power your air conditioner for comfort! Since your heater is not operating, it accumulates dust and other debris. When you turn your unit on for the first time during the winter, its warmth will burn off the dust and create an odor.

A slight burning smell at the beginning of winter is not a cause for concern. But if the odor persists for more than a few hours, you should contact a professional technician. There may be an issue with your system that can be solved with HVAC repair.

Dirty Furnace Filter

Your filter is responsible for catching dirt, dust and other particulate matter. Your unit requires a filter to operate effectively, but the device can become clogged with debris over time. If a blockage is present, the heat can burn the matter and increase the possibility of a fire. You should replace your furnace filter every three months to avoid this issue and other problems.

Electrical Malfunctions

A consistent burning smell can indicate an electrical issue within your heater. Your unit experiences wear and tear over time, which can cause problems with the wiring. Electrical issues can be dangerous and should be handled by a professional technician. Ignoring the problem can cause further damage to your system or a house fire.

Something Is Stuck In Ducts Or Vents

Melting plastic or rubber is one of the most repulsive smells. Occasionally, objects made of these materials can get stuck within your ductwork or vents, creating an unpleasant odor.

Plastic and rubber can be dangerous and release toxic fumes when they overheat. You can inspect your unit to see if any objects are around it or lodged inside. A professional can help if you’re unable to find the source.

When To Call For Professional Furnace Repairs

Luckily, a strange smell isn’t the only signal that something is wrong with your unit. Your system will show other signs when there’s an issue.

A few additional indicators to watch out for are:

  • Inadequate heating
  • Discolored pilot light
  • Difficulty powering the unit
  • Abnormal sounds
  • High amount of dust in home

If you notice any of these problems with your system, don’t wait until it grows worse! An experienced technician can correct these issues with HVAC repairs and maintenance.

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