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How Do I Know What Type Of Generator I Need?

October 25, 2022 | Blog

Electricity is an essential part of modern life. It keeps your refrigerator running, phone charged and air conditioner on. However, Daphne is no stranger to storms. Any of our pesky storms can quickly cause a power outage, and it’s extremely stressful. Although we can’t stop these storms, we can keep the power on.

Baldwin Heating & Cooling knows that a backup generator can be a lifesaver, but what kind of generator will work for your home? You have plenty of options, so let us help you find your best fit.

Whole Home

Standby or whole home generators are top-of-the-line systems. They can power all of your appliances, lights and HVAC systems. Typically, standby generators have to be connected to your home’s existing fuel supply. Although, there are options that have a backup power source of solar panels or gasoline in case your home runs out of fuel.

In the event of a severe storm or hurricane, this machine has you covered. These generators have a large price attached, but they’re an excellent investment in areas with frequent power outages.


  • Turns on automatically in an emergency
  • Powers your entire home
  • Connects to your current fuel line
  • Can run for a long time
  • Great for recurring power outages


  • Both the generator and generator services are expensive
  • Takes up more space


These generators are much more targeted with their power. Instead of keeping your whole home running like normal, these engines keep the essentials running. Every portable generator will offer different runtimes and wattage options, but they are all limited.

Usually, these options can run for a couple of days at a time. They do cost less, but they also offer less power. They’ll be helpful in an emergency, but they won’t sustain you for more than a few hours or days.


  • Great for powering smaller appliances or tools
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Least expensive option
  • Great for occasional, short power outages


  • Doesn’t provide longer-term power
  • Limited by the wattage
  • Pretty noisy
  • Has to stay outside and won’t turn on immediately in an emergency


This generator is unique in how it runs. Instead of running at a consistent speed, this engine adapts automatically to meet your home’s electrical needs. So if you are running fewer appliances, the machine will use less fuel. Plus, you can store power in an inverter generator!

Because this engine produces clean energy, it’s perfect for charging phones, laptops and tablets. Although, this generator has a lower power outlet and won’t keep large appliances running. You can run two inverter generators together to boost your power.


  • Quietest option
  • Best for electronics
  • Portable
  • Lowered emissions


  • Costs more than portable generators
  • Lower power output
  • Not for large appliances

The Best Generators For Your Home

At the end of the day, the best generator for your home depends on your needs. If you deal with frequent power outages, then a whole home generator could be for you. You’ll have to be prepared for the cost of the system, but it will make your life much easier.

For smaller things, like electronics and tools, an inverter generator will work well. It may not be best for large appliances, but will keep your small electronics running.

Portable generators might be noisy, but they’re perfect for small appliances and tools. This low-cost option requires special handling because it produces carbon monoxide, but it’s great for infrequent, short-term outages.

No matter what generator you choose, staying prepared for an emergency is an excellent choice!

Daphne Generator Installation Professionals

If you’re looking to prepare your home for unexpected power outages, you’ll need a generator company. Baldwin Heating & Cooling can help you stay safe in storms by keeping your power running!

We are always happy to help Daphne, Alabama homeowners, and have been doing it since 1956. When it comes to high-quality generator services, you can trust the guys at Baldwin.

Keep your power running no matter what, with Baldwin. Call today to learn more about our generator installations!

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