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How To Size A New AC

Whether your old AC broke down or you’re moving into a brand new home, it’s important to buy a system that is the right size for your home. A unit that is too big won’t last very long and will increase your energy bill. In contrast, a unit that is too small will leave your home uncomfortably warm while also managing to raise your energy bills.

When it’s time to invest in a new system, How do you know what size to buy? Lucky for you, Baldwin Heating & Cooling is here to help. We’re here to tell you all the secrets on how to pick an AC size.

Determining The Air Conditioning Type

Before you can size your new AC, you’ll need to figure out what type of air conditioner to buy. There are two main options for cooling your home: traditional and ductless AC.

If you already have existing ductwork in your home, the easy option is to buy a traditional air conditioning system. However, if purchasing a newly built home, you may want to consider installing ductless AC since it takes up less space in the walls. Additionally, it can be a more efficient option.

The sizing is different based on which type of air conditioner you choose. A technician at Baldwin Heating & Cooling can help you determine which system you should purchase. Once you’ve come to a decision, you can move forward with the next steps.

Which Size AC Do You Need?

A cooling system is a hefty investment. As you choose your next air conditioner, you’ll want to make sure you purchase one that will suit the needs of your home. Knowing how to calculate the proper sizing will help you search for your next unit.

AC Sizing For A Ductless System

You’ll want to start by measuring the length and width of the room that the ductless unit will be placed in. Secondly, multiply the length by the width. After this, multiply the resulting number by 25 British Thermal Units (BTUs). The resulting number is the minimum cooling capacity that your new unit should have in BTUs.

All mini-split units will be labeled with their BTUs, making it easier to find the right-sized unit with accurate measurements. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Baldwin Heating & Cooling for help with measurement and unit suggestions.

AC Sizing For A Traditional System

Central units come in a few sizes ranging from 1-5 tons. This doesn’t mean the unit itself weighs one ton or more. “Ton” refers to the amount of air that your air conditioning system is able to cool.

It takes a little math to determine the correct size central air conditioner for your home. Let’s break down the equation:

(House square footage x 25 BTW) /12,000 – .5 = required AC size in tons.

This may seem like a complicated process, but a reliable technician can help you calculate what size cooling system you need.

Factors That Can Affect Your AC Size

Square footage is crucial to calculate. However, it’s not the only detail you need to pay attention to while purchasing a new unit. There are other factors that may affect the tonnage of the cooling system you need. A few to consider are:

  • Number of windows in your home
  • Insulation
  • Climate zone
  • Ceiling height
  • Ductwork

An HVAC professional will install your air conditioner into your home. They can also provide you with suggestions when choosing the system! These factors can affect the efficiency of your system, which is why the decision-making stage is so important.

Reliable AC Replacement In Daphne

Wouldn’t you like it if someone sized and installed your air conditioner for you? At Baldwin Heating & Cooling, we do just that! Our technicians have been dedicated to providing top-tier HVAC services for over 65 years! All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll happily help you with all your Daphne cooling needs.

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